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Wide Calf Riding Boots

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Equestrian boots were once the reserve of a select few horse owners and ranchers. Most of us wouldn't have considered them as anything but practical. In recent years, though, we've realized one crucial fact - riding boots look fantastic. As such, they've hit the fashion lineup, with many top labels making them available to the masses.A As is often the case, though, these fashion-focused riding boots aren't practical for everyone.

Like any high-cut boots, it's not easy to find a calf size which suits. Tapered designs and tight fits can leave this fashion entirely off the cards for some. Luckily, that's a limitation we at Wide Widths aim to do away with through our wide calf riding boots.

Since 1988, we've designed wide calf boots with customer needs in mind. And, our collection of womens wide calf riding boots is no exception. If you're after a touch of the elegance riding boots can bring to any outfit, then, you needn't look any further.

Accessible equestrian style

The equestrian style has hit the big-time because it's sleek, subtle, and classy. We at Wide Widths think everyone deserves to enjoy those benefits, regardless of calf size. That's why we've developed custom-sized womens wide calf riding boots to suit every need.

Whether you want to add elegance to your work outfit or achieve an outdoor vibe in your everyday style, we've got a boot to suit the purpose. The designs we offer are sure to look the part paired with dresses and skirts. You could even achieve that country-bumpkin glow by tucking your pants in during errands. Simply add an inch or less to your sizing when you order so that you still leave yourself plenty of room!

Wide Widths for customer satisfaction

We care about customer satisfaction at Wide Widths, and our Yahoo 5-star customer service rating is a testament to that. When you order your wide calf riding boots from us, we want to rest easy that you're 100% satisfied with the results.

The best way to get your boots right the first time is to head to our ‘how to measure' page for a quick guide on sizing. Note that we recommend you add 1.5 – 2 inches to your calf if you're under 5'4" tall. If you intend to pair your riding boots with pants, you may also want to account for a little wiggle room. Note that you'll rarely need to include more than an inch to make this work!

We don't stop once your riding boots arrive, either. With our 30-day money-back guarantee, you also ensure that you're never out of pocket if your selection doesn't fit as you expect. All you'll need to do is email us for a return authorization as soon as you realize the issue. Then, you'll be free to pick some boots which are a better fit next time.

You can enjoy all these benefits and more by shopping our womens wide calf riding boot selection today. So, what are you waiting for?
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