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Wide Calf Knee High Boots

Wide Calf knee high boots

Knee high boots have stormed into fashion over the last few years. Everywhere you look, people are wearing them. Celebs are caught with gorgeous knee high boots, and even your friends and coworkers are wearing them. You’d love to own a pair, but you can’t seem to find any that fit. 

With boots like these, you have no trouble finding your shoe size, but they’re way too tight around your calves. At WideWidths.com, we offer a selection of wide calf knee high boots that will totally change your life. They’ll fit your feet perfectly, then provide ample room all the way up to your knee. So, you no longer have to miss out and be envious of everyone else!

Plus size knee high boots

That’s right, we sell knee high boots that actually fit. We know the struggle of trying to squeeze your calves into a pair of boots. Usually, one of two things happens. You either give up and feel extremely down about yourself, or you desperately try and make them fit, leading to a lot of pain. 

Needless to say, we don’t want you to go through either of these situations. With our extra wide calf knee high boots, your problems are solved. They’re designed to be wider than usual to accommodate for women with larger legs. Just because you’re not a specific body shape doesn’t mean you can’t wear particular clothes. If you want to put on some knee high boots to feel good about yourself, then you should be able to! 

That’s why we introduced our wide calf knee high boots; so everyone can feel fabulous. We bring you boots that you can actually walk in as well. Sometimes, the largest knee high boots are still way too tight and make it hard to bend your legs when you walk! We solve this with our brilliant collection. 

Extra wide calf knee high boots in all styles

As well as stocking the largest calf sizes online, we also stock extra wide calf knee high boots in some stunning styles. We have casual boots that go perfectly with any type of everyday outfit - they’re also perfect for work. We have stretch boots that are a little bit classier and more formal, and we have heeled knee high boots as well. Those of you that don’t agree with heels but want some added height will love our mid-heel knee high boots as well. You do get a slight heel, but it’s very easy for you to walk on. 

You can look through our full collection of wide calf knee high boots to see what we have on offer. They’re available in different colors too, so you can pick a shade that matches your wardrobe perfectly. 

Measure your calf size for knee high boots

Before you buy any plus size knee high boots, you need to measure your calves. Of course, you should know your shoe size, but it’s important you buy boots that fit around your calves without restrictions. Luckily, we have a tutorial video on our website that you can watch. There’s even a tape measure you can download and print out to wrap around your calves. 

After you’ve found your size, you can pick a style that suits you best!

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