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Wide Calf Boots

Our collection of wide calf boots gives every woman the opportunity to wear fashionable boots. As you have found us, you’re probably aware that finding a pair of women’s wide calf boots in the mall or online isn’t always easy. A pair of boots complete an outfit, right? We aim to make wide calf boots for all woman no matter what their shape and size. We consider ourselves as one of the most inclusive designers of women’s wide calf boots.

We have created a collection that includes leather and suede boots all in chic and trendy styles. Our collection is designed to be both fashionable and comfortable. At WideWidths.com you’ll find a pair of wide calf boots that fit your calves and complete any outfit. We design for the many not the few. Big, small or somewhere in the middle we want you to wear your wide width boots with ease and in comfort.

Our wide calf boots are cut so a size 6M has a calf circumference of 15 ¾ inches rising to a 12WW and calf width of 19 ⅛.

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Wide calf boots in a range of colors and patterns

Our collection has something for everyone and has been tailored so that you’ll find the perfect wide width boot for a smart or causal look – whether you are looking for a biker style boot, a classic riding boot, a boot with a high heel or a boot inspired by our love of all things western you’ll find it here on WideWidths.com. Black and brown are the most popular colors but for those of you wanting to make a statement we have something for you too - red wide calf boots and wide calf boots that are cut from daring animal prints and leathers.

What’s your favorite suede or leather boots?

Suede or leather or both? Wide calf suede boots look fabulous with jeans and or a 70’s inspired loosely fitted dress. Wide calf leather boots are really versatile and look wonderful providing a tailored, polished finish to any ensemble and when they are worn-in they make a great accessory to a comfortable pair of jeans. If you are spoiled for choice contact www.WideWidths.com for some inspiration we’d love to help.

Wide calf boots for every occasion

Every woman knows that we need a different pair of wide calf boots for every eventuality. Whether you need an outfit for a day at the office, a walk in the countryside or you are simply heading downtown with the ladies. The most important thing is you feel comfortable and confident wherever you go and in whatever you are wearing. Our collection of wide calf boots have something for everyone and for every occasion.

Wide calf boots size guide

For ultimate comfort it is essential to select the right size and style for your individual needs. As a general rule the items in our collection of wide calf boots come with a calf width fitting of 15 3/4 inches for a size 6M, and 19 ½ inches for size 12WW. If you are in any doubt about finding the right size, please don't hesitate to head over to our information page which will give you more information on finding the right fit. If you find that you're between sizes, it's also always worth going up a calf width fitting rather than down so that you find the boots a more comfortable fit.
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