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Wide Boots

Wide Boots

Boots are a versatile footwear option that can go with numerous outfits. The trouble is, a lot of the sizes are incredibly narrow. Most brands only include sizes for women with extra thin legs. So, if you have slightly wider than average calves, then you struggle to find boots that fit you comfortably. 

Thankfully, we offer a solution to this with our selection of wide boots. No matter what style of boot you’re looking for, we’ll have some wide leg boots that will finally fit you. No more squeezing into tight boots that constrict your calves; wear ones that make you feel confident and happy! 

Wide Boots In So Many Styles

We have a range of wide leg boots that fit almost any style. From riding boots to ankle boots - and everything in between - you won’t find a better variety than what we have to offer. 

We sell flat heel wide boots that are perfect for everyday wear, and we also have some dress boots that have a slightly larger heel. Of course, you can choose from many different colors and materials as well. We even have wide boots that go up to your knees - and they maintain the width all the way up your leg, keeping you comfortable at all times. 

You’ve all got different styles, which is why we stock such a plethora. Browse through our full collection to find the perfect pair of wide leg boots for your outfit. 

The Widest Calf Sizes Available

Nobody should feel like they can’t wear boots. Everyone is born differently; we come in all shapes and sizes. To us, that’s just what makes everyone unique! So, it’s not fair if you’re discriminated against for having larger calves. 

This is why we currently offer the largest calf sizes on the internet. You won’t find another store that sells boots as wide as the ones here. It doesn’t matter how large your legs are, we’ll have a size that fits you. You’ll never have to envious of all the women wearing lovely boots ever again - you can wear yours with pride. 

Why Buy Wide Boots?

Wide boots are far more comfortable for women with a large calf size. Regular boots will most likely dig into your calf muscle and cause a lot of discomforts. The tightness leads to a lot of rubbing, which can cause sores along your lower leg as well. 

Not only that, but regular-sized boots constrict the muscles as well. In turn, this can cut off the blood flow to this area of your body. So, wide boots stop this from happening and can prevent serious health issues like blood clots. Many of you may have dealt with this discomfort and constriction before, purely because you had no other option. Well, now you can buy wide boots that fit like a glove!

At WideWidths.com, you will find all the fashionable wide calf boots you need. We stock top brands, loads of styles, and everything is available at an affordable price. Find your calf size, then shop our collections today. 

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