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Super Wide Calf Boots

At WideWidths.com, we specialize in bringing wide boots to women all over the country. If your calf size is a little bit wider than average, then it’s challenging to find boots that aren’t super uncomfortable. But, some of you may even struggle to fit into wide or extra wide boots. Therefore, we have a super wide calf boots range that’s sure to appeal to you. 

Super wide calf boots up to 22”

If your calf size is above 18”, then you need our super wide calf boots. In this range, we accommodate sizes from 18” (for a size 6 medium width foot) all the way up to 22” (for a size 13 extra wide width foot). This is the second-largest range of boots we do - in terms of calf size. So, if you’ve tried our regular or extra wide boots, and they didn’t fit, then this could be the size for you. 

You are shopping:
We discovered that a lot of companies that offer wide boots still only go up to a specific size. For many of you, it’s still hard to find boots that fit 17” or wider calves. This is why we introduced the super wide calf boots in the first place. We don’t want anyone to miss out, and we even have super plus wide calf boots if these are still too small.

Specially made for WideWidths.com

Due to the width of these boots, we’ve had them specially made for our site. The following brands have gone out of their way to bring these super wide calf boots to you; Rose Petals, David Tate, Private Label, and Ros Hommerson. As you can see, these are all incredible footwear brands that produce stunning boots.

So, you can wear top-quality boots that don’t rub against your legs or cut off the blood flow to your feet. They’re all carefully constructed to give the right support - without being too tight or loose. You can get a pair in any style you want as well. If you want a casual pair fo super wide calf boots, then we sell plenty. Likewise, we also offer something a bit more formal for those of you that need to follow a smart dress code!

Find the perfect super wide calf boots for you

The secret to finding the ideal pair of boots is knowing your calf size. We’re all slightly different, and one or two inches makes a huge difference. To save you from sending your boots back, we suggest you measure your calves before you browse. If you want, we have a handy video that shows you how to measure your calf and get an accurate reading. Also, if you don’t have a measuring tape, then we provide one that you can download and print off immediately.

When you’ve found your measurements, you can click on our super wide calf boots collection right away. Here, you’ll see all the boots in all their beautiful styles. Choose the one you want, then be sure to select the right size. Now, you’re the proud owner of a pair (or two) of beautiful calf boots.
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