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Super Plus Wide Calf Boots

Boots are rarely the inclusive accessories they should be. For women with wider calves, trying boots on is such an embarrassing experience that it can be off the cards altogether. The plain fact is that even large boots don't account for calf size. This can see you struggling to squeeze into designs which fit in every other way. It's demeaning and disheartening, and it's a trend we at Wide Widths intend to change.

Since 1988, we've developed boots with calf-width in mind. Our designers are all too aware of the struggles many women face. And, they've addressed this issue with comfort, quality fits which ensure even high-cut boots are accessible to everyone. We now pride ourselves on offering the largest selection of wide calf boots on the internet. And, that's an accolade which our super plus wide calf boots have helped us achieve.

Let's face it; even boots which claim to cater for 'wide calves' can be tighter than you'd like. Until now, though, you've had to either squeeze into them or go without. But, that needn't be the case any longer, with our super plus wide calf selection ensuring there's a size which suits you.

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Wide Widths for super plus wide calf boots

The boots in our super plus wide calf selection are custom made for us by our designers. We've worked closely with top names like Rose Petals, David Tate, Private Label, and Ros Hommerson every step of the way. All to ensure that we're able to offer calf sizes which genuinely work for you.

The benefits of our super plus wide calf boots don't even stop there. Custom-design aside, every offering in this collection is also made from the highest quality calfskin leather we could find. And, yet, we still keep our boots at affordable prices to ensure you're able to realize your fashion dreams at last.

Sizes we can guarantee

Given that we trademark our boots, you won't find sizes like these anywhere else on the market. To ensure you still get your order right, we offer a 'how to measure' guide which can talk you through the calf-measuring process. As a general indicator, our super plus selection range from 21" for a size 6M, to 24 3/4" for a size 13WW. To ensure you can find the perfect fit, we also provide each boot in standard, wide, and extra-wide foot sizes.

We're so sure that our boots will be the fit you need that we also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you aren't 100% happy, then, you can return your boots for a full refund. Then, you can order a size which suits you better next time around.

In an ideal world, the fashion industry on the whole would realize that thousands of women struggle to find boots which fit them. Sadly, most manufacturers don't even give calf size a second thought. But, you needn't worry about that any longer when you have Wide Widths to guarantee super plus wide calf boots for you.
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