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Plus Size Boots

Plus Size Boots

Boots, glorious boots. Not only do they work with every outfit, but they also take styling to a new level. They’re comfortable, classy, and you can bet they’ll brighten up even your casual clothes. Yyet, many women don’t have access to the boots they so rightly deserve. 

The sad fact is that plus size boots are shockingly thin on the ground. Designers focus on appearance rather than practically, and many high-cut designs are so tight at the top that they’re difficult to put on, let alone do up. Just like that, this ‘comfortable’ footwear solution can become more painful than squeezing into stilettos. Where’s the fairness in that?

There isn’t any, which is why we at Wide Widths have dedicated ourselves to designing boots for plus size women since 1988. We now offer the largest collection of plus size boots extra wide calf online, and we’re forever developing according to your needs. If you’re fed up of going bootless, then, you needn’t look any further. 

Boots for plus size women in every size at wide widths

Unlike our competitors, we at Wide Widths understand that no two bodies are the same. That’s why we offer a wide selection of calf-sizes to suit your needs. You can get an idea of which would fit you from our ‘how to measure page’, but our general sizes are - 

  • Wide calf boots. These are our smallest calf range, and are ideal for women who just about struggle to fit into ‘standard’ sizing. Made for us by Naturalizer, these come in at around 15 3/4-inch calf width for shoe size 6M or 19 1/8-inch calf width for shoe size 12WW.
  • Extra wide calf boots are the next step up and are custom made for us by David Tate, Rose Petals and Walking Cradles. Our plus size boots with extra wide calf are sized from 17 1/8-inch calf width for shoe size 6M to 21-inch calf width for shoe size 12WW.
  • Super wide calf boots are unique to Wide Widths, and are designed by David Tate, Rose Petals, Walking Cradles, Ros Hommerson, and WideWidths.com Private Label. Sizing ranges from 18-inch calf width for shoe size 6M to 22 3/4-inch calf width for shoe size 12WW.
  • Super plus wide calf boots. Again designed for us by Rose Petals, David Tate and Walking Cradles, and WideWidths.com Private Label, these are the widest calf boots you’ll find anywhere online. They’re sized from 19 3/4-inch calf width for shoe size 6M to 24 3/4-inch for shoe size 13WW.

The Wide Width guarantee

It isn’t just our groundbreaking calf sizes which make Wide Widths worth your time. We also go above and beyond to ensure that your shopping experience is as smooth as possible. Whether you visit us in our New York store or shop with us online, you can enjoy our Yahoo 5-star customer service rating and 30-day money-back guarantee. Add those benefits to the wide range of boots for plus size women we offer, and you could say that Wide Widths is your one-stop footwear shop. 

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