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Extra Wide Calf Boots

Everyone knows that footwear can make or break an outfit, and never is that truer than when it comes to boots. Rather than just being a means to an end, boots are a highlighted feature for any outfit. You could say, then, then getting these right is essential for achieving the right look.

The trouble is that buying boots isn’t easy. And, the most common issue tends to be fitting around the calf. Whether tapered or poorly fitting, any boot designs don’t take calves into account.

Luckily, that’s not an issue you’ll have when you invest in extra wide calf boots. Designs like those in our womens extra wide calf boots collection are made with real bodies in mind. As such, you’ll be able to do your boots up with ease and comfort, guaranteeing you look your best at all times. 

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Womens extra wide calf boots for every occasion

Our extra wide calf boots are the perfect addition for any occasion. Whether you want to go smart, comfortable, chill, or active, our selection has you covered. A pair of extra-wide calf boots are sure to come to your rescue in essential situations like-

  • Working 9-5
    Options like Burton black silk boots are ideal for work. Whether you pair them with a smart dress or a knee-length skirt, boots like these are sure to give you the professional edge. Even better, they’ll keep you comfortable no matter how many times you walk around the office!
  • Nights on the tiles
    Heading out with the ladies? Then extra wide calf boots are for you. With glitzy options like the Crofton Micro Tiger, you’re steal the show wherever you go. And, you’ll feel pretty sexy, too.
  • Taking it easy
    The easy application of extra wide calf boots also makes them the ideal option for your chill days. You’ll be able to slip on options like the Sydney extra wide offerings, and head down to the shop without worry.
  • Let’s get active
    Even if you’re heading out for a walk or embarking on a little light exercise, Lily Women’s rain boots could be the best solution for you. They’re waterproof, comfortable, and they look stunning to boot!

The extra wide size guide

Finding the ideal size for your womens extra wide calf boots is essential for comfort. As a general guide, the items in this collection come in at 17 1/2" for a size 6M, and 20" for a size 13WW. If you're in doubt, don't hesitate to head over to our information page on choosing the right size. If you find that you're between sizes, it's also always worth going up rather than down for your comfort.

We at Wide Widths offer the largest selection of wide calf boots on the internet, meaning that we're sure to have extra wide calf offerings which suit your needs. Add that to our Yahoo 5-star customer service rating and 30-day money-back guarantee, and you could say that we're on hand to make your boot dreams come true. So, why not get shopping today?
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