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Extra Wide Calf Boots

Our extra wide calf boots give every woman the chance to wear fashionable boots. As you probably know, a pair of extra wide boots can complete an outfit. Whether you prefer your boots to be chic, fashionable, smart or trendy, here you’ll find a pair of extra wide boots that fit your calves. Buying boots isn’t always easy due of a lack of wide calf boots specialists. Fit around the calf is the most common problem. Our collection of women’s extra wide calf boots is designed with real bodies in mind. Therefore, you’ll be wearing your new boots with comfort, ease and style.

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Womens extra wide calf boots for every occasion

Every occasion asks for a different style of boot. Whether you are heading downtown with the girls, working all day or enjoying a nice outdoor walk. We offer a variety of extra wide calf boots in different styles so that you feel comfortable and confident wherever you go.

Working from 9 till 5

Black or brown, extra wide leather boots, are ideal for a day at work. Whether you pair them with a smart dress or a knee-length skirt, boots like these are sure to give you the professional edge. Even better, they’ll keep you comfortable no matter how many times you walk around the office! Top tip: for a little bit of added elegance opt for a pair of extra wide suede boots. You will feel fantastic.

Heading out with the ladies

Extra wide boots give you the chance to steal to show, grab all the attention and feel amazing too. Whether you choose an extra wide over the knee boot, boots with high heels, striking snakeskin or leopard print you will make a statement in your new boots.

Comfortable walk

If you’re heading out for a walk in the country or embarking on a little exercise, we guarantee you will be comfortable in your extra wide boots. Try our fabulous Llily Women’s rain boots for wet and rainy weather. Our extra wide calf rain boots are waterproof, look stunning and have a really comfortable fit. Top tip: Opt for a black or grey wide calf boot, so you can wear them more often for different occasions, like a workday or a shopping trip with friends.

The extra wide size guide

Finding the ideal size for your womens extra wide calf boots is essential for comfort. As a general guide, the items in this collection come in at 17 1/2" for a size 6M, and 20" for a size 13WW. If you're in doubt, don't hesitate to head over to our information page on choosing the right size. If you find that you're between sizes, it's also always worth going up rather than down for your comfort.

We at Wide Widths offer the largest selection of wide calf boots on the internet, meaning that we're sure to have extra wide calf offerings which suit your needs. Add that to our Yahoo 5-star customer service rating and 30-day money-back guarantee, and you could say that we're on hand to make your boot dreams come true. So, why not get shopping today?
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