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    Please measure your calves before purchasing to ensure the best fit. Use our estimator tool to determine your ideal calf width category (wide, extra wide, super wide or super plus wide). Simply enter your shoe size, calf circumference and indicate whether you are under 5' 4" tall. Need more info? Visit our How to Measure page.
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David Tate Wide Calf Boots

The David Tate Shoe Company is owned by four brothers who are third generation shoemakers. They use the finest quality leathers and innovative designs to manufacture our extra wide calf boots as well as our super wide calf boots for us. Our David Tate boot collection offers a very wide range of sizes and widths and they are dedicated to providing top quality products to discriminating women. David Tate wide calf stretch boots continue to be top sellers and be it a dress boot that you are looking for, a low heel wide calf riding boot, or a casual boot, you can be assured that you will have a custom-like fit that will provide you with comfort all day long.

***FYI: Some of the David Tate styles that we sell have an overlap in calf categories and are sometimes noted as 2 different calf size ranges (Extra/Super or Super/Super Plus). This is because as the foot sizes get larger in these particular styles, the calf sizes increase more than our other brand's calf sizes increase by foot size.

For those of you who do not know which calf category you are in, please measure your calf and go to this link: How to choose the correct calf size.

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