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    Please measure your calves before purchasing to ensure the best fit. Use our estimator tool to determine your ideal calf width category (wide, extra wide, super wide or super plus wide). Simply enter your shoe size, calf circumference and indicate whether you are under 5' 4" tall. Need more info? Visit our How to Measure page.
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Casual Boots

Pair these casual wide calf boots with your favorite jeans for a look that says sexy and laid-back at the same time! Casual, yet chic, they're perfect for dress down Fridays and dress up Saturday nights! Our classic design plus-calf casual boots will not go out of style and will last for many seasons. Available in many heel heights and shapes, they are a wonderful accessory for your fall and winter wardrobe and they create a flattering form under skirts, dresses, trousers, jeans or over a pair of leggings. Stylish and fashionable for any day of the week!

If you do not know which calf category you are in, please measure your calf and go to this link: How to choose the correct calf size. If you are in between our calf size categories we recommend going up to the next higher one for more comfort.

*IMPORTANT TIP*: To those of you that may be interested in tucking pants (jeans) into your boots, you do not need to add more than 1 inch to your calf measurement to do so since they do not take up that much room.

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