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WideWidths.com Private Label Wide Calf Boots

Wide width boots

Sometimes you want to pull on a pair of beautiful leather boots and feel like a boss. You want to strut around with your boots on and feel confident in yourself. However, shopping for boots can be a real pain for certain types of women. 

If you have quite wide legs, then it’s almost impossible to find boots that fit you. Your shoe size goes out the window because the upper part of the boot won’t fit around your calf. In the end, you either settle for being uncomfortable, or you give up trying to wear boots. 

Are you in this situation? If so, then you need to try some wide width boots. These boots are a lot wider than the conventional ones you see from standard brands. They’re not made solely for skinny women with slender legs. Instead, they cater to those of us with a different type of body. 

The widest boots on the internet

We noticed that plus size women were at a disadvantage in the boots department. So, we started selling extra wide width boots online. If you look around our website, you will find the widest boots on the internet! 

It’s true, we go up to calf sizes that nobody else provides. So, it doesn’t matter how wide your legs are, you will find a gorgeous pair of boots that fit. Forget about spending hours trying on different pairs of boots in a store. Forget about looking anywhere else online. Here, you can measure your calf size, then find boots that are the perfect fit. 

Wide width leather boots

Leather boots are incredibly stylish, and work wonders for whatever outfit you’re wearing. Every woman needs a pair of black leather boots just in case. You never know when you need them, but you’ve always had a tough time finding a pair. 

If regular boots are quite tight on you, then leather ones will be even worse. The quality of the material means they tend to get quite stiff and tight when they don’t fit properly. Luckily, we offer wide width leather boots that take care of this. By making them extra wide, your feet and calves can slip in them with no problem at all. As long as you look after the leather, it will remain comfy for as long as possible. 

Wide width boots for all occasions

You can wear our wide width calf boots for all kinds of occasions. Whether you need something to wear to work or something to wear on a coffee date; we have the perfect boots for you. Our website currently stocks wide width calf boots that go up to your knees and over. Also, we have mid-calf ones, and we even stock wide width ankle boots as well. 

No woman should feel like she can’t enjoy an item of clothing or footwear. You’ll fall in love the moment you put on a pair of wide width boots. You never thought you’d be able to find a pair that fit your legs, but now you can find plenty on our site!
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